Collection: Big Brother Border

<p>KIA and China Border<br /> These images are a snapshot of the Sino-KIO border today.<br /> The border between China and the KIO control area was easily crossable until 2019<br /> for up to one week with the temporary border passbook.<br /> Around 100,000 Kachin IDPs ( Internally Displaced Peoples ), who have fled the civil<br /> war areas, live on this China-KIO border.<br /> Most of the Kachin IDPs were used to regularly crossing to China for their families<br /> livelihood, as laborers, farmers or small traders.<br /> China has recently restricted the border security highly on the China side under the<br /> pretext of the coronavirus pandemic.<br /> They are setting up CCTVs and the metal & cement reinforced concertina wire fences<br /> along the KIO border on the Chinese side. Many difficulties arose for Kachin IDPs who are<br /> dependent on open borders for their economic livelihood.<br /> After the Burmese military coup in February 2021, the Chinese government has<br /> pressured the KIA not to fight with the Burmese army.<br /> Right now the fighting between the KIA and the Burmese army has intensified near<br /> the border and the Chinese government places an embargo on all the food items<br /> being sent to the KIO border gate at Laiza, the KIO/KIA headquarters capital city.</p> <p>At the same time, Chinese health volunteers are also providing Covid-19 vaccines to<br /> Kachin refugees along the KIA border.</p>