Sakse is always open to new talented media makers

Our goal is to support artists at all levels to improve their skills and professionalism 

So never too early to send us an introduction

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Agency FAQ
What is a social enterprise?

Sakse is a social enterprise, which means we use exchange markets as a tool for social empowerment, not with a focus on profits.   Sales from this agency are a major part of creating a self-sustaining platform for Kachin media which is independent from the need for external funding.

Who owns the copyright?

You do,   by becoming a member of the Sakse Agency you give us the right to distrbute the images you submit, under the terms agreed.

Our artists are free to sell thier images directly to clients.

Under most situations, never sign away your copyright.

Can download my own files?

Yes, we are also happy to send you your own files in the case you have lost your original files.

In addition, you can send images or videos to Sakse as a private backup.  We will keep them private & safe.

How are profits shared?

The basic agreement is a 50/50 split with the artist & agency.   This is above what most agencies share to their contributors.

In cases where the artist finds their own client, they are free to sell directly or let us mange the details of the sale and keep 75% of the fees collected.   ( contact us first )

Discounts for local groups

Sakse gives discounted pricing to local media groups, NGO’s, CBO’s and businesses.    We would like to offer these images in an affordable way and build up the culture of supporting artists for their contributions.  ( contact us for details )

Marking images 'not for sale'

Marking images, not for sale is allowable by the agency.

As we see the research value of this archive we ask that all submitted images stay in the archive, but if you enter an exclusive agreement with another agency in the future, we will change the status of your images as for research only.

For sale VS for research

Contributing artist can choose to add thier images for inclusion in the agency sales or for research purposes only.     Images for research only with be searchable and keyworded, but will have no price or way to download the files. 

Will Sakse do Post-Processing?

We prefer all post-processing be done by the artists.   In some cases, we may need to do something to an image.   If this happens we will show the artist and get permission before uploading to the archive.

What is Sakse's ethics policy?

We take ethical issues seriously, like staging photos and pretending they occurred naturally.     Please check for great resources and if you have any doubts best to share all with us and we can help you decide if there are any issues that should be addressed.

Who writes the captions?

Sakse prefers the artist at least send a draft of a caption in Jinghpaw, Burmese or English that we can edit / add to & translate.    All captions will be shown to the artists before published if the content has been changed or new info is added.

Image credits when published

All images licensed through the Sakse archive will show the artist name first and add a credit for the archive.  Ex  ‘ Sinwar Naung / Sakse ‘

If you sell or publish images yourself, you can still add ‘your name / Sakse’ if you wish.  If everybody in the archive adds it.   It boosts attention and sales of everyone’s images.

Adding Sakse to images you publish is optional.

Note : most agencies don’t even credit the photographer.  Getty, AP, APF, Reuters, etc. only give thier company name as credit on images they publish and sell.