In this photo, Naw Ming is being treated in a Chinese hospital just across the border. He was there with his wife and daughter.
Naw Ming was a great media maker and mentor to many. He spent years in prison for his role in making the film “Galoi Mi She” or “When will it be?”.
To be released from prison he had to sign a paper agreeing to never work in media again. However, after his release, he continued making media as head of the KIO media Department, safe out of reach of the central government. Naw Ming was the founder of so many media incentives, like Laiza TV, LZ FM, Sinpraw Bum Media Production group and many others.
On Jan 4th 2012 he was shot in the spine while documenting the front-line conflict. Due to being pinned down under fire for hours after being shot he was unfortunately paralysed from the neck down.
Naw Ming was awarded the third “the Citizen of Burma Award” (Pyitu Gon Yee) in 2012 for his service to his people.

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